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Kanye West is the Hottest MC...

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MTV just held their 10 hottest MCs in the Game program. Kanye West won the top spot. Here is the rest of the list. Click on each name to see the panels explanation on their position on the list. Last year Lil' Wayne took the top spot.

MTV Hottest MCs

1. Kanye

2. Jay-Z

3. Lil Wayne

4. Rick Ross

5. Snoop Dogg

6. 50 Cent

7. Lupe Fiasco

8. Young Jeezy

9. Andre 3000

10. T.I.

Alright, I have problems with this list. One Rick Ross and Young Jeezy should not be in the top 10. Look I like Rick Ross, but he hasn't really deliver like some of these other artists. Young Jeezy should be in the top 15 not in the top 10. Andre 3000 should be higher just in fact no one can touch his style and flow. He can kill a song with just one verse, and that says a lot.

One artist that should be on this list is Bun B. I think it was a complete overlook on this panel's post. Bun B had a crazy year. He lost his partner Pimp C which was one half of UGK. He has one of the most anticipated hip hop albums of the year. Only Lil' Wayne has a more anticipated record. Bun B killed it on the M.I.A. remix of Paper Planes, and was on a track with Dizze Rascal which was sick. Plus Bun B has been everywhere as of late and has a legacy that can not be denied. Bun B should take Rick Ross #4 spot.

The next MC that should replaced Young Jeezy should be Slug not because I from Minneapolis, but because he is probably most popular and highest selling independent MC on an independet label, and he did it without compromise. Plus he is probably one of the hardest working man in the game. Slug is co-founder of the Rhymesayers. He has put at least 3 Sad Clown series and a full length album for free all in a year. Not to mention his latest album "When Life Gives You Lemons...", sold 36,000 records in the first week alone, which is unheard of for an independent artist on an independent label. He reached #6 on the Top 200 Billboard Charts, and #5 on the Rap Charts.

Other than that, I am cool with the list. What are your thoughts?

Here is are some other MCs that need to get some props (in know particular order)

Jean Grae

Brother Ali

Kid Sister (nominated for a BET award for best female hip hop artist)

Cool Kids

David Banner


Talib Kweli

Amanda Blank

Dizzee Rascal

Spank Rock

Big Boi


What MCs do you think MTV has overlooked?