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Long Lines to Vote are a Beautiful Thing

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I am going to be real frank here. If you are complaining about the long lines at the polls, STOP IT!

Personally, every time I here someone complain about waiting a couple of hours or more to vote, it disgusts me! Where was all the complaining when people camped out for a damn iPhone, or some Hannah Montana tickets.  People wait two days or more for a phone, a stinkin' phone, and no complaints. People tailgate for football games for 6-8 hours in frigid temperatures with no complaining; however, waiting a couple of hours to exercise your right to make a difference in this country, we start whining.

What about the soliders who spend a year away in Iraq or Afghanistan from their family. They wait a year to see their family, and you know what no complaining.  Soldiers wait a year, and you can't wait a couple of hours or more to have your voice heard in this country.  Think about all the kids in this country that are not getting a good education, a good meal, and a good home. Think about the veterans who are having a tough time after getting back from war. Think about all the homeless. Think about the uninsured Americans who can get the necessary health care they need. Is it not worth a few hours to wait? People have died for the right to vote. DIED!!!!  Y'all can wait in a damn line!

When you go vote, make it an event.  How about do some tailgating at the polls? Bring your grills, extra blankets, umbrellas and have fun.  This is an historic moment.  When I see the long lines at the polls, it is one of the most beautiful thing I have seen in this country in long time. Make the sacrifice for your country, and be proud to wait in line!

Remember, whoever you vote for, respect each others' choice! At the end of the day, we are all Americans.