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"Make A Difference": After Breast Cancer Diagnosis | Wrap Up

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Volunteering can seem hard. All the time and energy and logistics can be daunting to a person with a busy life.

However, sometimes you can make a world of difference by giving of yourself on the most basic levels. This is evident in youth mentorship, as most kids are simply looking for someone to spend time with them. Nothing too earth shattering or radical. Along these lines, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD) gives breast cancer survivors the opportunity to give back simply by sharing their experience. By virtue of being a survivor, ABCD's mentors symbolize hope for someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Sometimes, the simple things can be the most meaningful.

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In our first piece of extra audio, Julie gives us a concise and detailed overview of ABCD, from its beginnings with Melodie Wilson to details of how they operate. She speaks a bit on how the mentor-mentee matches are done, a topic which wasn't covered with any great detail in our three pieces, but is a major factor in ABCD's success:


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Along with her husband Willy, we heard Annette tell her story from the beginning to present day. Because so much ground was covered, I didn't have a chance to fully flesh out her experiences as a mentor. However, there was some really good tape there:


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This final bit from Lisa gets into a point I found very interesting about ABCD, one that sunk in gradually over the course of three interviews. The mentor-mentee interactions take place primarily over the phone and there are many obvious reasons for this, but it's not always just a matter of convenience:


For more information on ABCD, visit their newly redesigned and incredibly informative website (I pinched much of the gorgeous artwork used on the blog this week from their site). If you're interested in getting involved with ABCD, this is a direct link to their volunteering opportunities.

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