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"Make A Difference": Literacy Services | Mark Short, Speller and Board President

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[caption id="attachment_1473" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="People who are not Mark Short at the LSW Spelling Bee"]lsw_spelling_bee[/caption]

Listen: Over the past eight weeks, we've heard a number of different ways volunteers first came across their organization, from the inspiring to the expected -- this time, it's a spelling bee. Mark Short was a participant in Literacy Services of Wisconsin's (LSW) Corporate Spelling Bee, a fund raiser that lets Milwaukee's business community donate and have a good deal of fun at the same time. While he participated in the spelling bee for a number of years in various capacities, it was not until he visited their facility that the mission of Literacy Services sunk in, leading to his current position at the organization -- board president. This is Mark's story with Literacy Services.[audio=1]

To echo Mark, I would highly recommend visiting their facility if you're interested in the organization. While I like to think the audio piece does a decent job representing the work done at LSW, there is no replacement for the firsthand experience.

For more information on Literacy Services, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Literacy Services, get in touch with them here.

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