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"Make A Difference": Meta House | Shirley, Program Graduate and Volunteer

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Listen: In the first two weeks of our Make A Difference campaign, we brought you the stories of organizations whose volunteer opportunities center around hands on work. This week we change pace, as we take a look inside Meta House, an internationally recognized treatment center that has provided alcohol and drug abuse treatment services designed specifically for the needs of women right here in Milwaukee since 1963.

Meta House's treatment settings include a residential program for women and children, transitional living facilities, as well as non-residential outpatient programs. As they work with their clients in these three capacities, Meta House provides not only clinical services, but also a nurturing atmosphere and comprehensive range of programming that help guide their women throughout the entire recovery process.

When I sat down with Shirley, a graduate from the Meta House program, I was unprepared for her story. She came back to Meta House for a second time in 2006, in a frighteningly broken down state. Since then, she's made huge strides and turned her life around, but not without a great deal of support from Meta House. Listen as she tells her amazing story:


For more information on Meta House, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Meta House, this is a direct link to their volunteering page.

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[caption id="attachment_1229" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="A group of United Way volunteers doing some landscaping at Meta House."]A group of United Way volunteers doing some landscaping at Meta House.[/caption]