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"Make A Difference": Meta House | Wrap Up

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Listen: I remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to find and tell stories of good work going on in Milwaukee. Sometimes those stories require a bit of hunting and clever editing, but on rare occasion, the stories come to life on their own. The stories of Meta House were those stories.

Make A Difference is a volunteer campaign. The pieces we've been putting together have attempted to communicate the impact volunteers can have in a community, but also the fulfillment volunteers pull away from those experiences. If you haven't listened to the Meta House pieces yet, take a listen -- Shirley, Susan, and Lisa beautifully communicate the rewards they've reaped.


In this first bit of extra audio, we hear another layer of Shirley's story with Meta House. While she is certainly a success story, it took a two stints with Meta House to get her to where she is today:


Lisa gave me this particularly interesting piece of audio highlighting the volunteer experience in a way that would not immediate occur to me -- she discusses how well Meta House uses their volunteers. This may seem like a simple point, but if you're going to give your time as a volunteer, you want to know that your time will be used optimally:


Finally, Susan expresses how she was able to translate her love of yoga into something she could share with the clients at Meta House. Maybe you can use one of your passions to help make a difference:


For more information on Meta House, visit their website. Also, if you're interested in getting involved with Meta House, this is a direct link to their volunteering page.

Produced by: Adam Carr