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"Make Milwaukee": Week 3 | Stop 6 of 9: Violetville Vintage and Tina Poppy

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Listen: Can't stop, won't stop! Can stop, will stop? Stop 6 of 9 in Cortney and Faythe's no holds barred romp around Milwaukee's creative community -- Tina Poppy and a big house full of clothing known as Violetville Vintage.

From the outside, it looks like a normal house in the Harambee neighborhood. But you know how people sell things online? Well, the inventory can't be uploaded and stored on a hard drive -- the whole physical operation needs a real-world home. And so it goes, this particular house is probably packed with more clothing than all the others in the neighborhood combined.

Listen as Tina Poppy gives shows us the physical part of her online business:


Cortney and Faythe both took a bunch of awesome and occasionally striking photos of the tour -- check out Cortney's here and Faythe's here!

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-More tour! First, Tina and Faythe talk about vintage clothing originating from Milwaukee, and how it gets to places as remote as Mongolia:


-The audio piece was a little short on what the clothes actually look like. Tina gives an idea of what Violetville Vintage looks for:


-A big house full of clothes? The Narnia of fasion? More like Tina's closet:


While you may not be able to get inside the house Violetville Vintage calls a home, you should certainly check out their choicest pieces on their website. Support a locally owned and operated enterprise that does business all over the world!

Produced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Faythe Levine

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