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Meet me in Nantes

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Hey all check this one out, here is a little group I have been into for a little bit, maybe you now too. They're called Beirut although it is truly the child of one of its members, one Zach Condon of Santa Fe New Mexico. He's been making records since he was like 15 and somehow got turned on to European gypsy music and has in turn fashioned for us a rousing, eerie, profound Balkan brass band that sounds like cobwebby treasures found in an Eastern European attic and served up in a cool Paris cafe sidewalk style. In short, some cool @$$ $#!+...


...In any case, you can read his bio through the link on the name, he has a new album that came out a couple of months ago called "The Flying Cup Club" and I can't seem to get this song out of my head check this out...