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"Meet The Need": Day 26 | MargaretAnn's Place, Pat Morrissey

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Listen: For our first piece in the back half of Meet The Need, Day 26 of 50, we learn about MargaretAnn's Place, an organization that services the distinctive needs of grieving children and their families through peer support and education groups. They operate in four counties (Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, and Racine) and were the first group in Wisconsin to focus on grief counseling for children.

Why this focus? As we've seen throughout this campaign, a person's ability to meet their basic needs hinges on a number of factors, age being a prime example. Children live in a different world. As they develop, they're dependent on their guardians to both meet their needs and teach them how to function independently. So, what happens when an adult and their child struggles to deal with a death? The adult will probably be able to communicate why they have difficulty going to work and may feel socially withdrawn. A child, however, may not be able to express these thoughts. Their entire world, from their cognitive development to their health to their ability to perform in school may suffer.

Grief Services Coordinator Pat Morrissey shares why grief can be so affecting, especially in the lives of children:

-Why living with unresolved grief can be emotionally traumatic, especially with children:


-Grief can spread throughout a child's life, and impact every part of their functioning:


-Why peer support groups work so well when dealing with grief and death:


-The moving story of how MargaretAnn's place came to be through the death of a child:


Follow this link more information on the MargaretAnn's Place, and if you'd like to help them meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

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