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"Meet The Need": Day 29 | Educare, Carol Howard

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Listen: Throughout our Meet The Need campaign, we've heard from a number of organizations solving problems on the front end, attacking need before it begins. On Day 30 of 50, we meet Educare, a group taking that preventative approach all the way to the beginning, providing full-day, full-year, high quality early education and care  for children aged 0-5, as well as support for their families, in Milwaukee’s central city.

In these three pieces, Site Director Carol Howard shares what a high quality early childhood education center in Metcalfe Park looks like:

-In this piece, Carol comments "...when we first opened the doors, some families in the community thought, 'We can't bring our kids there -- it's kinda too fancy. It's not for our kids.'" This statement highlights one of the major reasons why Educare makes so much sense -- if communities like Metcalfe Park lacks access to high quality education and care, can the neighborhood's children be expected to succeed?


-It's becoming more and more clear, even from an economic standpoint, that if we get to at-risk children from the very beginning, they are much more likely to live productive and successful lives as they move forward:


-Educare takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of their children. They go beyond the classroom, ensuring their children's families have adequate housing and food, as the problems a child experiences in the classroom are compounded if their basic needs aren't met:


Follow this link more information on the Educare Center Of Milwaukee, and if you'd like to help them meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

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