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"Meet The Need": Day 39 | St. Ben's Community Meal, Brother Dave Schwab

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Listen: Day 39 of 50 in our Meet The Need campaign finds us at Milwaukee's biggest potluck with St. Ben's Community Meal, a ministry gathering 75 religious groups from around Milwaukee to bring hot, homemade dishes to as many as 2000 guests in the downtown area, six nights a week. In every interview, I've asked the organization representative to make their work standout, as after 50 days discussing basic needs, some conversations begin to sound similar. "So what is unique about the way you solve your problem?" In the case of St. Ben's Community Meal, they've found a solution that not only feeds people, but ties together communities in a beautiful way.

In the following pieces, Brother Dave Schwab brings us through the kitchen and to the table at St. Ben's Community Meal:

-Community building from three different angles -- within a church, within a city, and within the guests at the meal:


-Each day of the month, a different sponsor group is tapped to buy, prepare, and serve the food, from a cross-section of Milwaukeee's religious community. At the end, Brother Dave answers the question "Who makes the best food?"


-Brother Dave passes on some of the lessons he's learned from working with the guests:


To learn more about St Ben's Community Meal, visit their website, and if you'd like to help St. Ben's Community Meal meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here.

Produced by: Adam Carr