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Milwaukee's Codebreaker in Pitchfork

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Milwaukee's Codebreaker's new track "Fire" featuring Kathy Diamond got a glowing review in Pitchfork today. I want to congratulate the guys in Codebreaker for making an amazing song.  Check it out for yourself!

Diamond's voice goes through the occasional spooky high-pitched effect or whirling overdub as she sings about, yes, a "fire"-- "right down in your soul," no less. She sounds as quietly commanding as ever, but the production is the real focus, with g-funk synths, plus funky guitar, rubbery bass, vocoder, and crisp drums that settle into the background except for the occasional Caribbean-sounding fill or castanets. All right, so there's a little fire, and judging by the smoke machines it's burning the world through.

Codebreaker - "Fire"