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The Man Behind Remixing The Movie 'Alice In Wonderland' Is Attempting To Remix The Real World

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The 21st century is the century of the remix culture.  Mashups and remixes are everywhere from music to film to even food.  Some remixes are bad. Other remixes are amazing. One of the most innovative remixers is Nick Bertke aka Pogo, who is best know for his film and music remixes for movies such as "Alice in Wonderland" and the Pixar film "Up".  

Pogo is taking his remix concept to a larger scale.  He is going to remix the real world (no not that lame MTV show).  

From Pogo's site:

This is my upcoming album which will expand upon my live-action remixing concept, first displayed to much fanfare in my track and video Gardyn. The goal of this project is to travel the world in search of sights, sounds, voices and chords, and use them to compose and shoot a track and video for each major culture of the world. It will be funded solely by you the listener, and will be released worldwide on CD, DVD, and here at PogoMix.net.

You can help Pogo complete this amazing endeavor by donating via his kickstarter page. Pogo has already created a video and song for the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, which you can view below. He is currently working on his New York City remix.