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New Documentary Looks At The Process Of Creating Feist's Grammy-Nominated Album 'The Reminder'

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I'm always have been fascinated by the creative process of putting together a musical creation such as an album.  It is even more interesting to see the process of an album you truly admire. One of those albums is Feist's Grammy-Nominated album "The Reminder." 

The documentary entitled "Look at What the Light Did Now" takes a look at the process of creating "The Reminder." 

Look at What the Light Did Now documents the journey of Feist’s Grammy nominated album “The Reminder”. This poetic film pulls back the curtain to reveal intimate partnerships with the people Feist calls her ‘amplifiers’: The photographer who helped her hide within the frame, shadow puppeteers in hockey arenas, an artist who built a thread-radiating mural, the video director who conducted fireworks, the pianist who guided the recording of the album, and other musical and visual collaborators. 

Watch the trailer below, and let me know what you think.