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Respect The Architect | Musicians Get Your Music In A Film About Architecture School

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Two years ago, I wrote about this cool documentary that was in production called Archiculture.  The film is about the life as an architecture student, which I can relate to since I graduated from the Howard University School of Architecture. The film also features cameo appearances from David Byrne, and architects Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne, and others.

Archiculture is a documentary centering on five diverse students in a single studio at one university throughout the entirety of their thesis project. The film will convey a mere sliver of time, wholly representative of the experience to create a student’s paramount work. The footage will illustrate the range of emotions and process of this extremely intense period at the conclusion of an academic career. It is our goal for the documentary to possess educational, entertaining, realistic and inspiring qualities in response to the dynamic world these students face.

Now the film will be debuting sometime this year, and the producers are looking for music for the film:

"We are gearing up for the release of archiCULTURE in a few months and are searching for brilliant new music to share with our audience. The film project is a 10 part episodic series that relies heavily upon a dynamic range of music in style, tone and genre. We need your music to make this project soar!"

Tens of thousands of designers, artist, and students through our extensive partnership network of organizations and direct to viewer online release strategy.

Online. Our distribution process consists of a direct to viewer online release. This will be a tiered release starting with an exclusive web host (a major design publication), followed by releases to various online video platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Blip and Facebook to enable the compelling student-characters' story to spread virally.

Your music will be heard by the tens of thousands of designers and artists through our extensive partnership network of organizations and direct to viewer online release. Additionally, we will provide direct links to your website of choice to increase fan followings and promote purchases. We'll also give you credit on each episode and plan to cross promote your music via our already established Twitter and Facebook social networks.

No monetary compensation is available since we are reinvesting any profits back into the promotion of this film and its ultimate DVD release.

If you are a musician or artist and would like to have your music in a film, just click here for details or send an email via this link.