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Beck Solves The Music Piracy Issue By Releasing His Forthcoming Album As Sheet Music

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Okay not really, but Beck's next album will not be available on iTunes and you won't be able to listen or download it from your favorite blog. Why?  Beck will be releasing it old school (really old school) in the form of sheet music. The release will be called Beck Hansen's Song Reader and it will be available sometime in December. The release will contain 20 songs in the printed form.  It will include notation for instruments such as the ever popular ukulele.  The release will come in hardcover case that contains 20 individual song booklets with artwork by various artists.

From the press release:

“Complete with full-color, heyday-of- home-play-inspired art for each song and a lavishly produced hardcover carrying case (and, when necessary, ukelele notation), the Song Reader is an experiment in what an album can be at the end of 2012-an alternative that enlists the listener in the tone of every track, and that’s as visually absorbing as a dozen gatefold LPs put together.

“The songs here are as unfailingly exciting as you’d expect from their author, but if you want to hear ‘Do We? We Do’, or ‘Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard’, bringing them to life depends on you.”

I guess when it is released, you will be hearing a lot of covers of the songs, without know what the original was intended to sound like.  What are your thoughts.