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New Music On 88Nine RadioMilwaukee: 6/10/08

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Here is some new music we have added in the past week.


Check out "Mercy" from up and comer Duffy out of the UK. She has been compared to the late, great Dusty Springfield.

Duffy - Mercy (from the album Rockferry)


Elvis Costello

Next we have new music from Elvis Costello & The Imposters latest album Momofuku.  

In his 28th studio album, Elvis Costello revisits the brash and angry territories of his first three albums, collaborates with country legends Loretta Lynn and Roseanne Cash and flirts with more genres than you can count on one hand. Still, you have to wonder, are these great songs or do they just remind you of great songs? -Popmatters

Elvis Costello & The Impostors - "American Gangster Time" (from the Album Momofuku)


Jack Johnson returns with a new album called "Sleep Through the Static".  Check out the song "Hope".

Jack Johnson recorded his fourth album using nothing but solar power. This is somehow fitting for a singer-songwriter, surfer, and filmmaker who spends most of his days floating in the ocean under Hawaii's open skies. The forces of nature certainly seem to have found their way into the mellow grooves of standout tracks like "What You Thought You Need," "Adrift," and "Go On," songs so lovely and effortless that you can almost hear the melodies coming to Johnson on a warm breeze that rustles through the coconut trees. Sleep Through the Static documents his best work to date, even better than the Curious George soundtrack. -Aidin Vaziri

Jack Johnson - "Hope" (from the album "Sleep Through the Static")


The next band, The Ting Tings got a big boost from and iPod/iTunes commerical with their song "Shut Up and Let Me Go".  The Ting Tings are out of the UK. 

These glitzy popsters' upbeat sonic thrusts club-punching guitars and adolescent coos, at times sounding as if Kylie Minogue attended indie-rock training camp and graduated with honors in handclaps and hipster sass. Frontwoman Katie White is pure spunk, spinning six-string jangles into breakout singles ("Great DJ"), when not rocketing lyrics about bitter breakups ("Shut Up & Let Me Go") and proper epithet techniques ("That's Not My Name")...

 - Spin Magazine

The Ting Tings - "Shut and Let Me Go" (from the album "We Started Nothing")


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