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Prince Unveils New Song, Video, and Website

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Remember when Prince declared that the Internet was “completely over” and “outdated?” Well, it looks like the artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince has decided that the Internet is relevant again.

 This past week, a mysterious Twitter account by the name of tweeted a link to what is Prince’s new official website, 20pr1nc3.com. Fans who clicked on the link were treated to a lyric video for the Purple One’s new song, “Screwdriver.”

The song itself is really nothing too shocking. Aside from a few riffs at the end, it’s a pretty standard blues-rock fare, but fans will appreciate hearing a reinvigorated, energetic Prince. The video is more along the lines of the bizarreness expected from Prince. No word yet on any touring plans, but it looks like “Screwdriver” is the beginning of a huge year for His Royal Badness.