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Que Santos?

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220px-matthew_santos.jpgMatthew Santos that is, referring to my questionable title for this post, is an artist whose name has been popping up all over the place. And recently, his name came up on our "Hip Us To Something New" message board, posted by a listener.

Well... he was on Lupe Fiasco's last two albums Food & Liquor as well as this year's The Cool. Not only does he appear, he appears to be on two of the most stand-out cuts form both albums. The question is, what is this talented folk singer from Chi-town doing on hip hop albums? Well, it seems folk music is still about creativity and Santos is cratively aligning himself for even more work without compromising his unique style. If You heard his songs from Lupe's album, both "American Terrorist" and "Superstar," you know his undeniable telent but like me, may not know what his music sounds like. Well here's a taste, a clip of Santos performing provided by one of our listeners on the "Hip Us To Something New" blogspot. Thanks for clip and feel free to continue to hip us to something new ...enjoy.


and you can't remember "Superstar", here is the video for it...