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Site of the Day: Out to Lunch

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Having problems trying to coordinate lunch with co-workers. Trying to pick a restaurant, takes more time than your job. This is where my site of the day comes in. It is called Crazymenu.

Crazymenu is a collection of online applications and tools-geared more toward office workers-to make eating lunches as easy as pie. However, the site can be used by anyone to find any type of restaurants or eating places for any occasion... You can search for restaurants, view menus, coupons, reviews, write your own reviews, add or update a menu, write your own restaurant guides, real-time coordination with online users to vote and pick-a-place and a time, coordinate a group order, upload and enhance your photos and more...

One of the neat feature is their Group Order application.

Group Order is an online web 2.0 application that simplifies the life of office managers or anyone who has tried to order for bunch of hungry people. We automate all leg work out of the process and make it very easy to find who wants what and give you compiled list at the end.  Try it out.