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Sound Travels: Balkan Beats

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Sound Travels Balkan Beats Mix 1


Sound Travels for you in this week of the truncated theme. Balkan beats are what I played for you today and will continue to do through to Sunday. Though these are mostly global times and many of these groups more international than not, the sound is steeped in the sound of the Balkan region in Europe. A sound that dominates the Mediterranean region, and has its roots in the folk traditions of many countries and cultures. Notable for us here is the music developed by the Gypsy(Roma), Jewish and Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. And though what i played today can hardly be called traditional, it is nevertheless true. An evolution of sound, it fits our flow for the day. Friday, may in fact be a bit more traditional in terms of the sound so stay tuned. This was what I played for you all today...

Track List: Balkan Beats 1

12:03 Shukar Collective “Do Baba” Urban Gypsy

12:05 Kal “Mozzarella [Gaeten Fabri Remix]” Gypsy Beats and Balkan Bangers Too

12:07 Buscemi “Sahib Balkan” Gypsy Beats and Balkan Bangers Too

12:09 Dunkelbunt “Dunkelbunt Dub ft. Amsterdam Klezmer Band” Gypsy Beats and Balkan Bangers Too

12:12 Balkan Beat Box “Pachima (UBK Remix)”             Nu Made (Remixes)

12:13 Balkan Beat Box “Joro Boro (BBB Remix)” Nu Made (Remixes)

12:16 Al Jawala “Heymischer Bulgar (Garage-Mix 2004)”             BalkanBeats volume 3

12:17:50  N.O.H.A. “Tu Café” Dive in Your Life

12:19 N.O.H.A. “Balkan Hot-Step” Next Plateau