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Sound Travels Friday...el Proximo Estacion, Mexico

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Sound Travels Friday : Modern Mexico


So if you haven't figured it yet, the week starts on Friday, or rather the theme starts on Friday, which gives me the time to get three good sets of music together to prime ya for another edition of Sound Travels Live at Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View next Wednesday, June 24th. As I've done for the entire month of June, bringing the  music to accompany the roast-- pairing a coffee tasting with music from that area of the world. Well in this last week of June, we'll complete the cycle with music from Mexico.

Lots going on in this set I played for you all on Friday, all of it very modern, and not the typical rustic take on Mexican music. Nortec Collective started the way for us as I gave you a bit more of the Sound Travels theme than usual, now you know my magic for the global groove. In any case I mixed it with the Mexican Institute of Sound(MIS), who are a group that mixes traditional Mexican music with state-of-the-art modern electronc music, cool beans, and this is from their 2006 release Piñata. I suppose Up Bustle & Out is not new here on ST, so I'll spare you the story. Though the vibes these cats bring is still nice two years after this was released and I peppered the mix with a pair of cuts from the Mexican Sessions release. And the middle of that spice is some flame, Speed Fire with a dance dervish of a song that sound proto hip hop though is not, an early 90's jam it is however.

I put a wrap on the back half of the set with seconds from Nortec and MIS and slip in some extras, new music from Venezuelans Los Amigos Invisibles, who hit disco fever with their latest release Comercial and though not Mexican, I will plead prerogative, simply too good to pass on the opportunity to play the Invisibles today. Zizek's "Brooklyn Cumbia" fits that category as well as it did the actual progression. The style is all Cumbia Nueva and is sweeping Latin America and International dancefloors-- hotness! The end is with some pop from the lovely band Volovan whose self-titled album is a Mex-pop gem. Above all, I wanted to give you a different look at one of our closer neighbors, Mexico. Welcome to the new world.


1. Nortec Collective "Autobanda" Tijuana Sound Machine

2. Mexican Institute Of Sound "Mi Negra A Bailal" Piñata

3. Up Bustle & Out "All Out King (Romanowski Mix)" Mexican Sessions

4. Speed Fire "Muevete a Mi Ritmo"

5. Up Bustle & Out "Tinto Tintero" Mexican Sessions

6. Los Amigos Invisibles "Mentiras" Comercial


7. Mexican Institute Of Sound "Hiedra Venenosa" Soy Sauce

8. Nortec Collective "Shake It Up" Tijuana Sound Machine

9. Zizek "Brooklyn Cumbia" ZZK Sound Vol. 2 - Cumbia Digital

10. Volovan "En Mi Cielo" Suave