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Sound Travels : Global Funk!

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Welcome back to the weekly whetting of the appetite for international music-- a.k.a Sound Travels. A short week for me this week as I only returned from a brief spot of vacation. Though I stayed close to the crib and chilled on the Eastside aways, I did manage to make a journey however; mixed up a batch of funky tunes from far-flung places.

And that is the temporal theme of today's trip, funk. How, or why these tunes made it in the mix has more to do with the moment, the groove and the mood I was in. Should be that way, it's what funk means. 'Funk,' you see is an African concept that some say refers to the odor of intercourse. Others maintain that it is the smell of old people. In either case it's apparent that in music the metaphor is that you have given yourself to the groove with nothing left to prove. So Get Down!

Sound Travels : Global Funk Get Down!...


1. Chacho : "Bum Bum" - Achilifunk-Gypsy Soul 1969-1979 : A cool cut from the hippest scene Spain has ever seen. From Bacelona to Madrid , this comp captures the spirit of rumba, funk and soul out of Spain in that era.

2. DJ Nuts : "Track 46-47" - Culturacopeia : My favorite Brazilian DJ here with some super-obscure ultra-rare Brazilian funk gems in the vein of early hip hop and laced with a Sugarhill Gang vibe, ya dig!

3. Ananda Shankar : "Dancing Drums" - A Life In Music : Cat was a prolific writer of funky tunes for the the hip scene in India in the 70's and 80's as well as DJ's in the know. Honed his east-meets-west groove in L.A. where he worked with not only Jimi, but the Stones as well. Here's a banger.

4. San Sebastian Parkway : "San Sebastian 152" - San Sebastian 152 : New music with Latin laced to the boat that brought a gang of Truth & Soul All-Stars (like El Michels Affair's Leon Michels, Quincy Bright, Jeff Silverman) with a group of Candela All-Stars and put them to work in San Juan, PR, for eight days? The result is on this album, which has mercifully hit vinyl after about a year of clamoring from the people. With the musicians involved, you probably don't even need to be told that this is one amazing slab of Latin funk glory, essential for fans of old skool Candela and new fandangled Truth & Soul alike.

5. Lightning Head : "Bokoor Sound Special" - Afrobeat EP : Glyn "Bigga" Bush, whosemain projects BiggaBush and Lightning Head reflect his love of dub, Brazilian rhythm and Afro-Cuban beats, and with funky flair I might add.

6. Kraak & Smaak : "Hello Big Mama" - Boogie Angst : Perhaps Holland's hottest act since Van Gogh, great live vibe and a funky tune from the future here.

7. Souljazz Orchestra : "Insurrection" - Freedom No Go Die : The members of the Souljazz Orchestra developed their signature sound by seamlessly connecting the dots between their various influences, from Fela Kuti to James Brown, from Mulatu Astatke to Pharoah Sanders, while always adding their personal touch to the mix. Their efforts have resulted in the deep rugged groove that now characterizes the Souljazz Orchestra: an innovative, modern sound, with profound, ancient roots.

8. Los Van Van : "A Ver Que Sale" - Calypsoul '70: Carribean Soul & Calypso Crossover : Cuba's top songo timba son salsa band.

9. Novos Baianos : "Tinindo Trincano" - Andy Votel Presents: Brazilika : Novos Baianos was a Brazilian rock and MPB group from Bahia that was formed in the 60s and enjoyed success through out most of the 70s. Though not technically funk, it's funky fresh and the end of this here Sound Travels.