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Sound Travels inna Reggae Bashment

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You know, when I started out as a DJ, it was a complete accident...I just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right stack of dubplates. The rest is history and the circle come back around to the full with this week's Sound Travels. A bashment, or party, is the order of the day and JA is where we go...

Sound Travels : Reggae Bashment!


1. Elvis Presley & Sound Dimension : "In The Ghetto" - white label 7" Fresh little mashup of Elvis and Sound Demesion's "Taurus Rock," who knew the King was so Irie?

2. Ranking Dread : "Love A Dub" - Fattie Boom Boom : Ranking Dread -- a very talented deejay with a badman reputation who got himself into more than a few brushes with the authorities and ended up on the run, eventually being extradited from Canada and imprisoned in Jamaica where he was killed -- enjoyed success during the early eighties. His first hit... "Love A Dub." Rip.

3. Anthony Johnson : "Give A Helping Hand" - Jah Warrior Showcase : Jamaican singer Anthony Johnson first came to prominence as one of the mis-named vocal trio Mystic Eyes (Anthony says it should be Mystic M), whose tune "Perilous Times" was a massive roots hit in the late 1970's. Embarking on a solo career with various producers including Linval Thompson and Jah Thomas, it was Thomas who gave the singer his biggest hit with the 1981 epic "Gunshot," released on the Greensleeves label. This, is another notable cut for him.

4. Dub Champions : "Bamboo" - Rolling Dub :Dub Champions transform what was once confined to the studio — the Jamaican dub reggae production style of the 1970s -- into a dynamic DJ soundsystem for the here and now. Vintage analog delay, mixers, and samplers shape the sound of original tunes: tunes that blend reggae, sure, but also hip-hop, drum and bass, blues, mid-east, and african influences, among others. Good wood.

5. Wayne Smith : "Buddy Bye" & "Pumpkin Belly" - Under Me Sleng Teng : Great version of the Tenor Saw Classic "Pumkin Belly" right after he shakes a digital "Buddy Bye."

6. Burning Babylon : "Hammer & Irons" - Garden Of Dub : Burning Babylon is a one man Dub Reggae project; the heavyweight riddims of Burning Babylon's sound are firmly anchored in the 1970's Jamaican roots tradition, but with an ear for the neo dub stylings of the present day. Here, it helps the mix move along...

7. Rhythm & Sound : "Music Hit You feat. Jah Batta - w/ The Artists : I quote:

"Ernestus & von Oswald are the guys who rose up from their roots as the originators of minimal techno to bring Pole's digidub into the next century. What we have here is a powerful revision of the dub sound, stripped down, full of space, dynamic range, and shimmering with analog wash and broken textures. Dirty and deep enough that it feels as powerful as the best roots dub. Perfect music for Freeside, the Rasta spacestation in William Gibson's Neuromancer."

'Nuff said

8. Jahmali : "Jah Works, We Tek Up" - Levi Rhythm : A great version on the Levi Rhythm from Cocoa Tea-styled crooner Jah Mali.

9. Manasseh : "Levi Rhythm" - Levi Rhythm : Rolling...version-to-version.

10. Bob Marley : "Waiting In Vain" - Africa Unite: The Singles : Don't say you don't know! Bob put out the best of what reggae has to offer. The catalyst and the prophet, he was real in a way that even Babylon feel. If it wasn't for him, there would not be a Sound Travels.