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Sound Travels Monday... Latin Spectrum

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Sound Travels Monday Latin Spectrum


Thanks for checking, I got your Sound Travels wrap-up here. An though it's a wrap, it's also an invitation. My set this week is aimed at getting some people to get out and check the international sounds coming into Milwaukee this week. First, there's Grupo Fantasma, out of Austin, Texas, bringing their 11-piece-smokin'-hot pan-Latin swing to Riverwest's Mad Planet this Thursday. Not to be missed, with Milwaukee's own Leo Minor opening and 88Nine tying the bow on a perfect summer present for y'all.

Then there's Friday's Curumin show at Stonefly. If you missed his first trip to Milwaukee, now is your chance to catch one of the brightest(and coolest) cluster of bright lights due for their own stardom. Curumin, who is the lead-singing drummer of this intriguing quartet, kills it. The last show was underattended, and in the dead of winter. If you have any sense at all, and like good music and dynamic performers who deliver the goods-- then this is your ticket. Plus, Milwaukee's own Fresh Cut Collective, is also on the bill, bringing some hip hop into the house here as well...

Now, given that you are reading this, I'll assume there is some interest in Sound Travels as well. Well, rest assured, not only will I be playing music from the hippest bandwidth of the Latin spectrum of sound all throughout the week, but I will also be DJ-ing both of these shows! CHICK IT OUT!

If you missed Monday's ST, here are the details...


Bosanova Brasiliero "Cachao No Agua"

Amparanoia "Sacaron Agua" Seguire Caminando

Los De Abajo "Indio[Macao Mix]" Luaka Bop Remix

Bomba Estereo "La Boquilla" Blow Up

The Latin Project "Largesse" Musica De La Noche

Grupo Fantasma "Oye Mi Cumbia"

Uproot Andy "Aki Special Remix"

Curumin "Caixa Preta" Japanpopshow