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Sound Travels Monday: Women of Flamenco

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soundtravels_logo1Had to do it really, and I'll tell you why at the end of the week. Suffice to say, I am saving it for next week, for the end of Women's History Month as a fitting finale for a month of what has been for the most part, made by the women of the world. So in its place, I have a shorter set of women from the Iberian peninsula(and a duo from Mexico too!), or Spain(and Portugal) for those that need the cue. Specifically, the sound of Flamenco. Flamenco, for the most part a male-dominated form. So what?! It's still got plenty of women involved whether they be the dancers or the singers, the ones I played today were good.

From the start we went with a pair at the vanguard of new flamenco and the only ones in today's set that are not from Spain, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, whose appearance three years ago in Milwaukee was just an introduction to a Mexican duo that has since hit MTV as well as several major festivals (including our own Summerfest) en route to some bit of renown-- you may even already be familiar with their instrumental flamenco groove. Good at the start and flows well into the work of Aurora Vargas, an older and very respected singer, with a song sung in the bulerías style of flamenco that favors an eight syllable flow and an improvisational instrumental approach.

Vargas works it well and sets us up for the last cut in today's truncated set, Ojos De Brujo, a band that gets a bit of play here at the station because of their ultra-hip approach to flamenco, incorporating element of pop and especially hop hop into their genre-splitting steez. BTW, their name means "eyes of the seer"...solid! If you missed it here you go...and tune in on Wednesday for an island stop-over on our way to Argentina and the women of Tango on Friday, as we'll hear some morna from the tiny nation of Cape Verde...

Sound Travels Monday: Women Of Flamenco



1. Rodrigo y Gabriela : "Tamcun"

2. Aurora Vargas : "Vete, Vete"

3. Ojos De Brujo : "Respira"