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Sound Travels Monday...Modern Mexico

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Sound Travels monday : Modern Mexico II


Set numero dos coming at you like a locomotivo, due South from the Texas-Mexican border sounds of Paulino Bernal, bringing the Mexican border towns to mind and the sound of master squeezbox artists like Flaco Jiminez. Of course Bernal has the weight, old in his school so-to-speak. El Gran Silencio follows with the update to antiquated start with a song no less fervent though updated and intense. Outta Monterrey, their sound heavily influenced by reggae as well as old-school hip hop and Norteño. The Norteño and Tejano vibes a good start to this ranging set of Mexican music and bridging you to another coffee-producing region of the world: Mexico.

Bostich + Fissible follow on with some music that is cutting new courses in sound, it just happens that their origin is Mexico. Their latest release is another gem from Nacional Records, who have really stepped up the profile of Latin music with releases perfect for 88Nine listeners. Check out their web-site and you'll see. Tijuana Soul is just one of many and not even the latest from that company. In fact, The Pinker Tones who follow here are another, with a hot metal-tinged tune from the brand new Loteria Beats Mix Tape that need not be begged to be played, it's raw! Justt like I wrapped the Pinker Tones tune around a classic. "Guantanamera," which even many gringoes like me know as classic roots, here sung by Trini Lopez, whom guitarists may know from the particular signature Gibson ES 335 that bears his name.

From classic to post-modern in one swoop, Panteón Rococó is a Mexican ska band from Mexico City blends several styles of popular music such as rock, punk, salsa, cumbia, mariachi, reggae, ska, and also mestizo-music into a very energetic, almost Sublime-meets-Manu Chao type sound. And with it fits this cut from a band curently getting plenty play on 88Nine,  Monterrey-based Kinky, whose new album is many things and mostly right, disco-pop grooves washed through a very funky approach that is steeped in the Northern Mexican sound. And though Santana is not often considered, but is Jalisco-born artist who is the mestre...

If you like the set please come on down to Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View for a live Sound Travels in style on their patio with a complimentary tasting of coffee from Mexico, organic and Fair Trade! It all starts at 6pm and is only two hours long. How can you not have the time?... Get there early and don't miss a drop. See you there...


1. Paulino Bernal "La Coneja"


2. El Gran Silencio "Dormir Sonando" Libresy Locos


3. Bostich + Fussible "Norteño Del Sur" Tijuana Sound Machine

4. The Pinker Tones "Sonido Total(Million Guitars Mix

5. Trini Lopez "Guantanamera"

6. Panteon Rococo "Los Intellectuales" Ofrenda A Rodrigo Gonzalez

7. Kinky "El Avión" Barracuda


8. Santana "El Corazon Manda"soundtravels_logo