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Sound Travels Wednesday...

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Sound Travels Wednesday Freeded II


A lot in this freeform mix that became the trip for the day on Sound Travels. I started with a tune not short on melody, a half-rap from La Team BM, and the song is beautiful, very sing-song, but nice. Right into one from Angolan Avonsinho, from an album of nice remixes of traditional Angolan artists called Comfusoes vol.2. This remix is from Mauricio Pacheco. And then into Juno award winning Cuban-Canadian Alex Cuba with "Si Per No," a big hit for him a couple of years back, probly what won him the JUNO.

And on...to an effervescent Afro-pop innovator named Fred Fisher; famed trombonist, vocalist, composer, songwriter and the album I found this choice cut is called African Carnival, this song just one of many choice cuts from a sort of left-field release on the always nice VampiSoul record label. Latin Hip Hop from Colombia's Chocquib Town, more dancehall nice-ness from the guys at Mungo's Hi-Fi. Soom T, is their secret weapon, she's a little known MC from Scotland whose work with them nd in general warrants consideration, she's fire. Took it down to the wire with another European MC rocking the dancehall style; the late Nastasja on one of her very last releases. And the end today is with a ST favorite, Brazilian crooner Seu Jorge on what I believe is one of his best songs period.

Checkem' if you mised 'em...


1. La Team BM "Africa"

2. Avonzinho "Mama Divua Diame

3. Alex Cuba "Si Pero No"

4. Fred Fisher Atalbhor & His Band "Open The Door"

5. Supa Dups & Khan "Dr. Bird Riddim"

6. Danny Vergo "Champion Sound"

7. Chocquib Town "Somos Pacifico"

8. Mungo's Hi-Fi "Did You Really Know feat. Soom T"

9. Natasja "Real Love"

10. Seu Jorge " Carolina"

Always loved this one. The best song from his first solo album, released on Mr.Bongo's, and it's still funky. All the cuts are good, this one is great.

And I also have the Monday Sound Travels for you as well. Enjoy...

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