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Sound Travels Wednesday : Paris, Panama & Pernambuco with some Zydeco

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soundtravels_logoRound two of my most unusual subject for this week continues. Accordions rock, roll and breathe intensity and emotion, making plain songs fresh and gracing the groove with a touch of the most rustic exoticism. Today was all about the accordion, start to finish. Astor Piazzola is as about a big a name as you can have with this instrument. Technically, he played the bandonéon, but that still makes it close enough to not care that much,was an Argentine tango composer and player. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango; heck he practically created nuevo tango. This cut, "Libertango" one of his biggest. Les Ogres de Barbak, follow with a tune perfect for any Paris Cafe, or Sound Travels episode-- get out the Gauloises, this one smokes. Papi Brandao returns, same cut I played a week ago, too good to not be twice as nice the second time around.

Beau Jocques, the legendary zydeco performer, mentor of Buckwheat Zydeco, in the set as we hit the zydeco. A large man (6'6" and 270 pounds) he took the stage name "Beau Jocque," which is Louisiana Creole for "Big Guy." After only a few years, he had revolutionized the zydeco scene, adding funk and rock elements with his band, the Hi-Rollers. Sean Ardoin here as well with a very modern zydeco tune, a stomper, showing his familiarity with the dancehall. From a zydeco family, he inherited the gene, makes this stuff look like childs-play. And play on I do, I did with Rob Curto's Forro For All at the finale here, I was lucky eough to interview this cat a couple of years ago and am proud to share his excellent music once again. If you missed it here it is again...

Sound Travels Wednesday : Paris, Panama & Pernambuco with some Zydeco II


Tracklisting & Media:

1. Astor Piazzolla : "Libertango"

2. Les Ogres de Barbak : "Rue De Paname"

3. Papi Brandao y Su Ejecutivos : "Viva Panama"

4. Beau Jacques : "Yesterday"

5. Vares E Violas : "Instante Feliz"

6. Sean Ardoin : "Zydecool Rollin'" Pullin'

7. Rob Curto's Forro for All : "Os Oito Baixos Do Tito / Arrastando As Aparagatas/