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Sound Travels...East Meets West...Indian, That Is

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Sound Travels for you all again as we get into the first week of September. Though the weather may have shifted sour a bit prematurely, I am keeping the trip hot here with more exploration of the musical connection between the two Indies. Namely India and Jamaica, which is in an area of the world that was once widely known as the West Indies, for its ironic discovery in search of trade route to said India. Just one of many historical connections.

After slaving was outlawed(sometime before its eventual abolition), Indians and Chinese were imported to the Caribbean as indentured servants, though their labor was akin to slavery in deed and in fact. The long and short of the story is that there exists a connection between these two areas of the world and it shows in song and in the very vibe the music has. Especially when you put genres like dancehall reggae and bhangra together-- a nice mix. The music I played on today's ST was a perfect marriage of that connection. Three songs really, but really long and good to go, so... this was that.

Sound Travels Wednesday Bhanghall Mix 2



1. A. R. Rahman "Azeem-o-shaan Shahenshah (from Jodhaa Akbar)" Saavn Presents: Bollywood Hits 2008

2. Bally Sagoo "Mere Laung Gawacha" Star Crazy

3. Bally Sagoo "Golden Star "Ragga Muffin Mix" Wham Bam!! Bhangra Remixes

And Monday's Sound Travels was alright there and in a good pocket as I went with it like this...

Sound Travels Monday Bhanghall Mix 1



The Dum Dum Project “Panjabi 5-0 (Old Skool Remix)” Bombay Boogie Night

DCS “Bothle Sharab Diye” The Biggest UK Bhangra Hits, Vol.1

Panjabi MC “Beware Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)” Beware

Anthony B “Throw It Pon Dem” Throw It Pon Dem

Bally Sagoo “Preeto De Ghar” Star Crazy 2

Ghetto Roots “Khaki Riddim” Sun Tzu & Khaki Double Riddim EP

Shaneece “Test Dis Empress (feat. Shaneece)" Sun Tzu & Khaki Double Riddim EP

Bhangra Hitmen “Track 16” Bhangra Hits