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Amen Break NOW AVAILABLE in your pocket.

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Hello all!

Jordan here with my first addition to the TECHNICALLY YOURS blog.  I've been meaning to add some content to this blog for quite sometime now, and this morning I came across this cool new iPhone app.  

Now let me first say that I DO NOT own an iPhone ( I'm an Android user ) but I do have an iPod touch, and when my daughter is not watching Elmo on YouTube, I do love to play with cool apps.  

A while back I wrote a SEVEN O'CLOCK sample post on the AMEN Brother drum break.  This is one of the most sampled drum breaks in music.  Hip Hop producers, Jungle DJs and even pop icons have used this drum break.  Now YOU can play with this drum loop anytime anywhere!  

Introducing the AMEN BREAK iPhone APP...



Have fun!