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Maybe it's time to talk about Google+

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So as you probably heard, Facebook is changing the way our profiles are laid out, to resemble a Myspace page from 2008. Joking aside, perhaps this timeline feature isn't what you really want, for people to scroll back through your life ad infintium, or to birth more accurately.

It's not like you don't have options. Indeed, Google has it's own new-ish social network called Google+ (Google Plus for those who didn't take math). It's a lot like Facebook, but with a few minor differences that control how you share and who you see. Maybe it's time for you to leave FB not because of how bad at privacy it seems to be (there was a glitch last week that allowed you to see who unfriended you...oops) but because you like the idea of a fresh start. 

For example, I jumped on Facebook in 2006 when I was living in southern California. Now, a good majority of the people I'm friends with are in California, talking about California things. Things that really aren't all that important. Sure you can turn the frequency down on these posts, but wouldn't you rather just start over?

If you're ready to have another thing you have to keep tabs on...google+ is allowing anyone to join. So join. Or don't.

Finally I do find it amusing that the most followed individual on G+ is Tom Anderson. You know, the guy from Myspace.