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Meet Two Milwaukee Music-Based Startups This Wednesday That Are Trying To Change The Industry

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Did you know that Milwaukee is home to two music-based tech startups? Shindig and StageBloc are the two startups based in Milwaukee, who are trying to revolutionized the music industry in their own way.  This Wednesday, you'll have chance to meet people behind these companies and find out all about them at the Spreenkler Meetup.

I first wrote about Shindig a few weeks back. Shindig's goal is to revolutionize the live music scene. Think of Shindig as Kickstarter for live events. If successful, it could turn the  event booking industry upside down.  The platform in essence uses demand to book an event via crowdsourcing, which could take some of the risk out of booking bands and events. Shindig is a product of Spreenkler's 94labs, which is an incubator for new startups.

The other startup is StageBloc.  I only heard about StageBloc a few days ago.  Located not too far from The Riverside Theater, StageBlog is a digital agency with focus on the entertainment industry. StageBloc has created an online platform that helps bands and artists manage their online activities and promotions. StageBloc already have some impressive clients inlcuding Eminem. They even have an iPhone and iPad app. Check out this video introduction of their iPhone app.

Could Milwaukee be the start of a new midwest capital for technology startups?  I guess you could call it Mil-ilcon Valley.  If you want to meet the founders of these innovative startups and know more about them, make sure you come to Spreenkler Meetup this Wednesday, Aug 3 at 5:30pm at the Spreenkler Offices in Grand Avenue Mall.