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New Milwaukee Startup Aims To Revolutionize The Live Music Scene In The City

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When you think of cities for internet/tech startups, Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York  are the cities that first comes to mind. Most don’t think of Milwaukee when it comes to internet/tech startups. However, one organization is trying to change that. Spreenkler Talent Labs is an organization that helps locally based startups get off the ground. They provide mentorship, guidance and funding for tech startups. One of the newest startups that Spreenkler Talent Labs is helping off the ground is a new Milwaukee startup by the name of Shindig

Shindig is a music tech startup that aims to revolutionize live music scene.  Think of it as  a Groupon or Kickstarter for live music.  Once Shindig is launched, it will give fans of bands and artists the power to book the artists they want to see at the venues they want to see them.  If successful, the concept could bring shows to Milwaukee that would probably would never play in the city.  Local bands could play venues in the city they thought they would never get a chance to play.  Co-Founder Brendon Thomas explains it like this:

“We want to connect fans, artists, and venues using technology to help make more and better live music events happen in Milwaukee. What is unique about Shindig is that the events booked through it will truly be ‘people powered’ - Fans get to choose which artists plays at what venue.”

Shindig will do five things:

Pitch: Shindig lets anyone pitch an event idea.

Connect: Shindig connects the artist and venue so they can agree on how many tickets need to be sold to make an event happen.

Crowdfund: Would you pay to see this event? Put your money where your mouth is! Agree to buy a ticket if the event gets booked.

Book: If the "tipping point" is reached in time, the event is booked! If not, it’s because there wasn’t enough interest. That’s okay though: You’re not charged anything and you and your friends will try harder next time if you really want to make it happen!

Share: Any event is better with friends! Get credit for getting friends on board and make better events happen together. Eventually, redeem your credit for tangible awesomeness!

You can register now to receive more information on when the service will be available.