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Technically Yours, Forbes Calls Milwaukee Native Spotify's Secret Weapon

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Milwaukee native D.A. Wallach, who is 1/2 of Chester French, recently was featured in a Forbes article entitled "Spotify's Secret Weapon."  Currently residing in Los Angeles, D.A. Wallach is not only a musician but he is Spotify's "artist-in-residence."  

Spotify recently reached  3 million paid subscribers.  Even though Spotify is having steady growth, it has received some controversy in how it distributes its royalties to artists.  I guess that is why I found the Forbes' article interesting.  Wallach's role at Spotify is to help brainstorm artist-friendly applications through the massive data that Spotify collects. That includes bringing in additional revenue for the artists in the future. 

“We’re working very carefully to make Spotify the most artist-friendly company that has ever existed,” he says. “We’re very interested in a high level of letting artists direcetly connect to their fans and manage that relationship and deliver value to their fans, and vice versa. We want to do that really elegantly, at a scale that’s never existed before.” 

“We want to help artists, and we believe there’s every reason you should put your music on Spotify,” he explains. ”We want to make that experience richer, more rewarding. Our goal is to make artists a lot of money, more money they’ve ever been paid.”

What are your thoughts?  If Spotify creates applications to help artists in their careers, would some artists feel better about Spotify? You can read the rest of the article over at Forbes' website.