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Technically Yours: Google working on Google Glasses

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Google has been working on something that at first blush seems like the future we were always promised (whether you are 8 or 80). Augmented reality glasses with a heads up display? That sounds amazing.

Then I watched the video.

It looks very cool, but I'm not sure I'm ready for my notifications to be omnipresent. It has a lot of the functionality in my cell phone, just voice controlled. I'm not sure it's a real improvement over the smartphone, because at least that could be compartmentalized to when you actually held the phone in your hand. Now it's almost encouraged to be accessible at almost any point in the day.

"Molecular composition detection?" Sure, I'm in. "X-Ray Vision?" Love it. "You have 32 new email?" That doesn't appeal to me much. I'm sure some people will love it. 



Now that I think about it, I might actually want to ditch the smartphone too.