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Technically Yours, Legendary John Peel's Enormous Record Collection Available Online

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Late and legendary John Peel was considered one of the world’s most influential DJs. He was the tastemaker that other tastemaker look to. He hosted one of my favorite radio shows on BBC Radio 1. Unfortunately, Peel passed away in 2004. He broke many artists including the White Stripes. His taste in music inspired me. His show featured all types of music from folk to dance to hip hop to rock and everything in between. During his time as a DJ, Peel amassed an astonishing collection of music. His collection contains over 26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and countless CDs. The idea of just looking through his collection is like a kid in a very huge candy store.

Now, thanks to the power of the internet, I and others can take a tour of his amazing record collection. The John Peel Centre For Creative Arts have started putting Peel’s collection online at a site called The Space. Each week The John Peel Centre will upload 100 albums in aphabetical order to The Space.

After some deliberation we decided that the best way to start the process was to release the details of the first 100 albums, listed alphabetically, from each letter of the alphabet each week. So on 1st May we will release the first 100 A's, on 8th May the first 100 B's, 15th May first 100 C's, and so on.

With each 100 album, a short documentary about one of the artists that is included in the release will accompany the release.

When you come to the website you will see John Peel’s home studio, from which you will be able to access the contents of the record collection as it is added each week, as well as other videos added each week, photos, peel sessions and radio shows. Once in the collection you will be able to move up and down the shelves of the record collection, picking out certain choice records and going through the first 100 as though you were standing in front of the shelves in John’s studio.

The website won’t have the ability to listen to the album, but will offer links to Spotiy, soundcloud to listen to some of the music. Now this is true music discovery. Now go check out this goregous site, and let me know what you discover. Also check out this great documentary about the John Peel.