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Technically Yours, New Site, 'Turntable Kitchen' creates Music And Food Pairings

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Two of my favorites things are food and music.  I always thought would be cool to do a cookbook featuring dishes from musicians and chefs, and at the end of the recipe, there would be a select song or album that would go with the dish similar to wine pairings.  Lucky for me, there is a site that does just that. The name of the site is called Turntable Kitchen

Founded by a couple, Kasey and Matthew, in San Francisco, Turntable Kitchen connects really cool music with tasty dishes and recipes.  When you first get to the site, you will notice that the page is broken up into two columns. One column is dedicated to music, and the other to food. For example,  they posted a very tasty recipe for Brothy Beef Shortribs, which I will be making this weekend.  Then the musical pairing for this tasty dish is TV On The Radio's "Nine Types Of Lights."  They even did a review and pairing with SBTRKT's debut release, which is one of my favorite releases of 2011. They paired the album with a Honey & Rosewater Tapioca.

"Both are bubbly, sweet, intriguingly textured and feature undistracting complexities."

In addition to the music and food pairings, Turntable Kitchen will launching a monthly pairings box.  

Every month, you’ll receive a hand-assembled box of goodies to create a unique food and music pairing of your own. In each box you’ll find:

- A limited-edition, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl single featuring a pair of tracks by one of TK’s favorite artists/bands.

- An exclusive, downloadable TK-curated digital mixtape packed with some of the most exciting up-and-coming new artists we’ve listened to.

- A collection of three seasonal, themed recipes for you to try. Think: Fall Brunch, A Russian December Dinner, etc.

- 1-2 premium dried ingredients for you to make 2-4 servings of each dish or drink (depending on each month’s theme).

- Each month, we’ll feature a special spice, flour, grain, or bean you’ll need to pull together a fabulous meal for yourself and a few friends.

- Our suggested Pairings, tasting notes, and additional insights into the music and food that we’re sharing with you.

- Occasional treats in the form of edible goodies, artist recipes, special reviews and bonus songs will surprise you along the way!

The subscription for this pairings box will be $25/month.  This site is definitely worth a daily visit.  What are some of your favorite music and food pairings?