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Technically Yours, Onesheet Could Be The Best MySpace Replacement For Artists and Bands

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MySpace is on its last breath, and Facebook can get complicated when it comes to creating an online presence for your band. As an artist, you have a twitter profile, facebook, page, Reverbnation page, Bandcamp, etc. Finding a way to tell people on how to find you in the virtual world is becoming a bit overwhelming. It would be nice to create an online presence that could incorporated all of your online networks in one place for your band.

A new site called Onesheet, aims to bring your online presence into one beautiful and useful page to promote your band and music.  Think of Onesheet as a virtual one sheet, which most aritsts send to labels and radio stations to promote themselves, but with more functionality. The service was created by ArtistData founder Brendan Mulligan and it launched into beta yesterday. With Onesheet, an artist or band can integrate most of their online presence into one page.  You can bring in your Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and other accounts right into Onesheet. There is even iTunes, Instagram, Topspin, and Rdio integration in the works.  I can see Facebook possibly buying these guys out and integrating Onesheet into Facebook.

Any band or aritst can sign up for free. However, there will be premium features offer for a cost in the future.  Just check out some example of what it looks like here, and watch a video of how easy it is to use.  I highly recommend Milwaukee artists and bands set up an account, and let me know what the link is, and I will put together a list and post it on our site. Just post the links in the comments below.

One thing I would like to see is embed code for Onesheet pages, which would create a blog friendly widget.

Flavors.Me is similar option worth checking out as well. Here is a video of how it works.