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Technically Yours, Top Indie Record Labels Get Together To Form A Music Discovery Site

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Everyone and their mother are trying to master music discovery.  Sites from Pandora to Spotify have some element of music discovery, but it is far from perfect.  One thing I know is that the indie labels feel left out of the music discovery party. Some indie labels have even pull their content from newcomer Spotify.  So what is the little old indie label to do to get piece of the pie?  One way is to join forces with other indie labels. 

A new site called The New Record aims to bring some of the world's top indie record labels together to create a new approach to music discovery. The New Record was founded by Bill Armstrong from Side One Dummy, a punk record label based in Los Angeles. The site is dedicated to music discovery for indie music fans.  The New Record  consists of over 30 indie label including Sub Pop, Rhymesayers, Anti, Epitaph, Daptone, Kill Rock Stars, and Nettwerk.

Once a user signs up to the site, they can download free songs, create & share playlists, and follow artists and labels. When you follow a label or specific artist, the user will get new music delivered to them before it is released.  The site also has a social aspect. One can share their favorites via Facebook or Twitter, embed songs, and follow other users on the site. 

I think this is a great concept, and I hope they continue to add more independent labels. I would also like to see the site designed a little bit better. Also I think an iPhone app would be great addition in the future. They could even tie-in tour dates of the artists. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Here is the link to my profile. (via Hypebot)

Below is a song embedded from the site The New Record.