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Technically Yours, Turn Your iPhone Into A DLSR, There Is 'Mount' For That

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Camera phones are now the norm today, but the quality of the pictures, even on the top model phones, are not the best. Wouldn't it be great to get the same quality of picture from DSLR camera with your iPhone?

Now you can with the iPhone SLR Mount. With this mount , there is no need for those apps that try to simulate the effect of a DSLR.  All you need is a lens from a Canon or Nikon camera. The mount is basically a case that you put either your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3 inside.  You can attached any type of Nikon or Canon lens including telephoto, wide-angle, or macro lens.  The case is made of sturdy aluminum, and has two strap loops and a tripod attachment. 

The price of this mount isn't cheap, but it could be great step into world of DSLR photography.  The price for the mount for the iPhone 4 is $240, and you can pick either a Nikon or Canon mount and the iPhone 3 is $190. You can check out more details and purchase the mount over at one of my favorite photography related sites Photojoto. (Maybe they will like to donate a mount to a small non-profit radio station...)