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Testa Rosa on This Week's 414 Music

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Tune into this Friday's 414 Music at 5:30pm with Scott Mullins. He will have Testa Rosa live in our studios.

In the marvelously abundant world of music blogs, it is rare occasion when a new artist that is worthwhile has yet to be exposed. I have found over the years that there remains thousands of writers like myself who find satisfaction in exposing these artists to a broader audience, recognizing quality through a means of personal taste and quality musicianship. When I first listened to Testa Rosa, I was almost positive that other music blogs were already buzzing with excitement over the trio from Milwaukee. Not only does the music of Testa Rosa allow for a remarkably delightful experience, but their stylistic fervor is an exceptional blending of various styles that results in a sound all too rich to be ignored. From 60s Motown to synth-infused post-punk, Testa Rosa has created an experience that no other band will even come close to rivaling this year. Lead singer/songwriter Betty Blexrud-Strigens is an absolute driving force; a talent of a rare caliber to behold. -From Obscure Sound

Testa Rosa - Ollie & Delilah