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Video: Asa "Jailer"

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New music today at 88Nine, and the first for me to play was one I discovered on patrol for new music; Asa (pron. Asha) who is a young Nigerian artist currently making a name for herself in Paris of all places. A cirularity pervades this position in her young career since it was the city she was born in, the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. Though she would quickly relocate back to Nigeria as a toddler, Paris pulled her back. Though not without providing her an education in a diverse range of music, from Nigerian R&B, soul, highlife and pop, to more "world" artists like James Brown or Aretha Franklin. And her sound reflects an appreciation for American soul as well as respecting the incredibly rich scene in Lagos, Nigeria where she grew up.

The new album is eponymously titled and is full of good songs. "Songs" y'all, means lyrics and  excellent themes wound around a powerful new voice on the scene. I'm excited and I hope you all are too. So I was happy when I found this video for the tune we're playing, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...