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The Whole Truth...

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I came across these videos. I notice the news media does want to report the news. They want to sell the news. It is amazing that they only show one clip of Jeremy Wright when there are many others. Why is that? Basically it is ratings game. Here some other videos from Falwell and Robertson saying some "hate speech" and McCain supporting them. Where is that in the news? What are your thoughts?[wpvideo p9vN6TGL w=400]

It is funny how a fake news show can be more honest in telling the news than CNN, Fox, etc.


Here some other videos of Jeremy Wright not "spewing hate". I am not saying I agree with what he said about America. But it is amazing how one-side the media can be. How come the news doesn't show other videos from Wright sermons.  It could be that the videos are not as dramatic and exciting as the one currently on  repeat. People like drama, drama sells advertising.  Why do you think reality shows are so successful.  Some might say the news media has some political agenda. The only agenda these so called news outfits have is to make a dollar.  Journalistic integrity is thrown out the door for a Viagra ad.

Here some other Wright videos.  Is it exciting?  Well maybe you can make a story that Common hates America because he is on stage with Wright.  That could get you some good ratings.