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SXSW 2012 | Documentary on Concert Posters Features A Few Milwaukeeans Including Maritime

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Last night, in between having lunch with the legendary Dr. John and seeing the iconic Bruce Sprinsteen perform for the first time,  I snuck in a film. The film I saw was a documentary on Gig Posters called "Just Like Being There." The documentary, directed by Scout Shannon, take a look at the designers that make some of the most amazing gig and concert posters. It also talk about one of the premiere concert poster show/series Flatstock, which is also featured at SXSW every year.  

While watching the documentary, I came across a few Milwaukeeans featured in the film. The band Maritme was in the film talking about their love of concert posters and their impact on them and their fans.  The fiml also featured two Milwaukee designers including Paloma Chavez and Francisco Ramierz.  Paloma designed 88Nine's 2010 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards Poster.  

"Just Like Being There" featured one of my favorite design crews, Aesthetic Apparatus out of Minneapolis.  

If you want to see some amazing gig posters, check out the website gigposters.com, which was mentioned several times throughtout the film.

Here are some teasers from the documentary: