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SXSW 2013 Discovery | 3D Printed Bracelets Made From Your Favorite Song

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A couple of days ago, I went to an event called #FEED, which was event that combined music with interactive art exhibitions. Located in the beautiful AMOA-Arthouse in Austin, I saw some of music's currently hottest electronic producers including xxyyxx and Groundislava.  In addition to the music, I was really impressed by some of the interactive installations. For example, Social Snap consisted of constructed geometrical shapes that are put together to create a large projection.  Then the wall is covered with light and beautiful images, which came from live tweets during the event.  Here are some photos from that event.



However, the most interesting thing from that night came out of Brooklyn called Invisibile Light Network. They created gorgeous bracelets made from music called Nu. For example, the display included bracelets created from music by The xx and Bad Brains. To create these unique bracelets, 3d printing, audio analysis, and coding is used. The code uses several pieces of musical data: 

  1. The BPM of the song determines the overall complexity of the folding pattern.
  2. Beat emphasis determines the ratio of folding from left to right.
  3. Syncopation determines the ratio of folding from front to back.
  4. Beat intensity controls the depth of the folding pattern.
  5. Song length determines how far the holes extend.
  6. Rythmic complexity controls the ratio of the inner ring’s folding scale to the outer ring’s folding scale.
  7. Frequency distribution determines the depth of the inner ring’s folding pattern.

Here is a photo of the bracelet created using The xx's song "Angels"

You can get your own bracelet made from your favorite song as well. You can find details here.