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SXSW'11 | Broadcastr at SXSW!

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Listen: About a year ago, we sat down to discuss a complete website overhaul for 88Nine. When I was putting together my wish list, dreaming up ideas for the new design, there was one idea I had a hard time shaking; rather than housing our audio pieces on a blog, which is essentially a chronological stack of posts, why not embed them in a map?

Our community stories are just that -- voices of folks living in Milwaukee, not necessarily timely, but still valuable strands in the fabric of our city. The stories are just as relevant a week, month, or year after their broadcasted, so why not let them live at their address? Of course, this feature was a bit too involved for what we had planned for our new platform, so the idea was tabled, maybe to appear somewhere down the line.

A few weeks ago we found Broadcastr -- it's as if they pulled the idea from my mind, turned it into code, and then launched a website. Go to the website (and then download the iPhone or Android app) and dig around a bit. You can explore your own backyard (you can even check out our ongoing Make Milwaukee campaign), or take a narrative-driven field trip to a new community.

While down at SXSW, we were lucky enough to connect with co-founder Scott Lindenbaum to discuss Broadcastr:


Check out the Peter Aguero story mentioned in the piece in its entirety here.

Also, add your own story to Broadcastr right now! Scott gave a great prompt -- as we embrace the prospect of sunshine and thaw, channel a story of Springtime love. Then, record it on your phone/computer speakers/whatever and through it on Broadcastr!

We started amongst the SXSW crowd, and as all good interviews go, we progressed to the backseat of his car: