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New Releases Wednesday: Episode #1 - Dawes, Postal Service, Kurt Vile, The Knife, James Blake

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For the past eight months or so, Phil Martinez from The Exclusive Company has been on our airwaves most Wednesday afternoons to talk about all the new albums, reissues and other various music related material that hit stores. We always find ourselves in the same dilemma every week. Too many things to talk about - inevitably something gets cut. We’ve been working on a solution to this problem, one that might indulge our own selfish wants and desires.

So welcome to the New Releases Podcast (cooler name: pending) where you’ll get a more long form look (and listen) to everything we talk about on the air. Of course we’ll still do the three minute fly by and run down on the radio, but for people looking for a more detailed explanation and more hijinx will be right at home here (population: 7).

This week we cover Dawes, The Postal Service, Kurt Vile, The Knife, and James Blake, not to mention Lollapalooza Rage, buying things because they’re a certain color, trying to play four albums at once, and thanks to Emily Forst distilling the essence of James Blake in one sentence. Seriously.

All there, after the jump.