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A Nightmare On My Street

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This week on Seven O' Clock Sample, we have been exploring "spooky samples".  In honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween.

Remember this?....



Well in 1988, DJ Jazzy Jeff sampled this theme for the song "Nightmare On My Street".



There was actually a video for this song, but New Line Cinema sued Jeff and Will over the use of the Freddy theme and images.  However, there was an off from New Line for a movie deal.  Here is a quote from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

"When we did ‘Nightmare On My Street’ New Line Cinema sued the daylights out of us, but they liked the record and they thought Will and I were talented from ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand.’ So part of the settlement was that we had to pay them some money, but they offered us two scripts to do two movies and if we didn’t want to do them then that was the end of the deal. Back then we were like all we gotta do is say no to the two scripts and we out. The first script was House Party because if you think about the premise of House Party one dude was a Dj and the other was a rapper so House Party was set up for Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. We weren’t thinking about doing movies back then. They were like what do you think about this and we were like oh we don’t like it and what about this oh we don’t like it ha we out. Then we were like oh **** Kid N Play blew up off of that. That was the whole situation it was part of a settlement with New Line. It was one of those things where they were like you guys took our concept and we’re mad, but we ain’t stupid enough to not know you guys aren’t talented. So we’re mad but we want to try and make this relationship work. It was cool because Will ended up doing some stuff with New Line later on and everything kinda worked out."