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There are three bands currently using the name A.I.: #1. A.i. is a three-piece rock-electroclash band based from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Nick Young (vocals/guitar), Zack Young (drums/percussion), and Milen Kirov (keyboards/synth bass). In September of 2007, A.i. released their second album titled "Sex & Robots" independently. “The idea of Sex & Robots is the essence of A.i.,” attests Milen (Mee-LEN) Kirov, the group’s keyboardist and synth bassist. “Sex represents us, the human, the desire, passion and instinct to make music; robots represent our instruments, the electronics, and the technology that allows us to express ourselves.” A.i. stands for "artificial intelligence," a retro-futuristic concept now woven into the daily fabric of our lives. A.i., the band, is living that post-Space Age wet dream, commingling the analog and the digital, the organic and the synthetic, the muscle and the machine. “A.i. is first and foremost a rock band”, says drummer Zack Young, “but electronic drums and synthesizers are an integral part of our sound." Zack’s setup consists of a traditional rock drumset mixed with electronic triggers which allow him to perform live. “We play everything in the moment without using sequencers or backing tracks. That's one of the things that has always made A.i. special.” Rich Mouser, who worked with Chris Vrenna on A.i.'s first album Artificial Intelligence, co-produced, engineered and mixed Sex & Robots at his studio, the Mouse House [Altadena, Calif.]. “Rich has equipment dating back to the ‘60s and totally cutting-edge stuff we didn’t have when we recorded our first album. He’s got timpani’s and ‘80s drum machines,” Zack continues. Says Milen: “At one point he pulled out this mini-Moog from the ‘70s that is so delicate he has to push a button with a Q-tip to keep it in tune.” Nick relates: “I recently had this dream that Rich was at the mixing board and all the knobs had turned into Silly Putty, and he was shaping our sound.” Those sounds inspired much of their songwriting. #2. Hailing from North London, Artificial Intelligence are a production duo comprising of Zula Warner and Glenn Herweijer. Riding high on their early success they state their ethos as wanting ‘ to spread our music to as many people as possible, that's the whole reason for doing it in the first place. It's the satisfaction of making it but also of spreading it to as many people as possible. Not like a preacher or someone on the TV. We prefer to let our music do the talking across the world. You make some kind of mark on people's minds.’ While they have often been tagged as ‘newcomers’ onto the drum& bass scene, the boys are far from it. Working their way up from the top, they have racked up over ten years of experience and boy has it been a busy ten years… As a production unit, A.I’s releases are anything but predictable and they tend to reflect a variety of drum&bass styles. Over the years they have spanned the slighter darker side, with releases out on Commercial Suicide and 31 Record, as well as flirting with some other labels including Full Cycle, Goodlooking and CIA. A.I have even dabbled with commercial labels, releasing remixes of some of the biggest dance and hip hop tracks of the past few years including Kelis’s Trick Me, Eric Prydz Slammin’ and more recently Fat Freddys Drop Cays Crays. Yet A.I do not stop at just making quality tunes and are on the top of their game in the DJ circuit as well. Undeniably one of the busiest and most popular drum & bass talents around today, their diversity and adaptability have made them regular headliners in both Europe and beyond with their music taking them to The Ministry, End, Fabric, Swerve, Movement, Faster and Breakin’ Science just to name a few. 2007 alone has seen collaborations with Brazilian superstar DJ Marky featuring vocals from the hugely talented Ben Westbeech as well as remixes of Total Science and releases on Widescreen Recordings. While still highly credible efforts, all hands are on deck at the moment as they work on their new album, due out in 2008. If the last decade is anything to go by from this London pair, 2008 looks set to be their best yet and has got everyone in drum&bass waiting in anticipation, definitely something that only happens once in a while. #3 A.I. is a 4 piece hardcore punk band from japan. The band is Koide on vocals, Shima: bass, Dari: drums and trust on guitars.

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